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Ding Dong – The Beer Is Here


Valet Gourmet is always looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction, and exceed expectations. We value the comments and concerns of our customers, and use the feedback to improve your delivery experience. For several months, it seemed we were getting email after email about beer and wine delivery. Everyone wants beer and wine! So, we sat down and formulated our plan to make that request a reality, and on February 14th, 2012 Valet Gourmet added beer and wine to the delivery options.

You now have the opportunity to add a six pack of beer, or a bottle of wine to your food order. You can even order alcohol only.  There’s no extra delivery fee for alcohol if you add it an order from a restaurant in down-town Asheville. How cool is that? If you add it to a restaurant out of the downtown area, an additional  delivery fee will apply.  We focused on local beers, offer a variety of delicious red and white wines, and also have sparkling for those special occasions.

Asheville was voted Beer City USA in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Our city is home to a world-renowned specialty beer store (Bruisin’ Ales, rated #3 retailer worldwide by RateBeer), five annual beer festivals, and a  regular “Beer Guy” column in the local paper. Asheville is also home to the Biltmore Winery, located on the Biltmore Estate, where you can taste, purchase and enjoy robust reds, refreshing roses, and crisp whites, made here, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

So, the next time you place an order with Valet Gourmet don’t forget to include a bottle of your favorite red, or a six pack of Highland’s Seasonal Brew!

Happy Delivery Y’all!