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How much does it cost to have something delivered?

A delivery fee is charged based on your location and which of our restaurant partners you select. We have a $10 minimum food and alcoholic beverage order (excluding tax and delivery). The chart below summarizes our service fee structure, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  The chart does not include the extra delivery fee for alcohol when you are ordering food from a restaurant that is outside of downtown. Why do we charge an extra fee for restaurant orders outside of downtown? Because we store all of our alcohol in a climate controlled basement and refrigerator to make sure that you are getting your beer and wine at the perfectly chilled temperature.

In addition, a 5% service fee is charged on most orders. You’re probably wondering to yourself – “What is a service fee?”. Since we have limited control over restaurant pricing, our service fee helps guarantee that your order is processed by an employee, which ensures that your order meets our very high standards and helps us change the world through service (please see our Core Values).

zip code
service zone
Asheville  -
  North of the Blue Ridge Parkway
  South of the Blue Ridge Parkway
Asheville  -
  Main (UNCA area, North Asheville)
  East or North of Elk Mountain Scenic Hwy.
  North of Exit 21 (New Bridge Rd)
Asheville  -
  West of the Blue Ridge Parkway
  East & North of the Blue Ridge Parkway
Asheville  -
  28806 Main (Haywood Rd., Patton Ave., West Asheville)
  North/West of Eliada Home Rd. or Gorman Bridge Rd
  South of I-40
Arden  -
  Long Shoals Rd./Rathfarnham Rd. & North (Skyland Area)
  South of Long Shoals Rd. Area (Oak Park)
Candler  -
  East of Hwy 151
  West of Hwy 151
Fairview  -
  North of Old Fort Rd.
  Old Fort Rd. & South
Leicester  -
  South/East of Turkey Creek Rd.
  North/West of Turkey Creek Rd.
Swannanoa  -
Weaverville  -
  South of Exit 15 (Jupiter Rd.)
  North of Exit 15

***** We love delivering to all of our customers in these areas, however we must make these subject to availability based on traffic, weather and time of day. Please give us a call at 828-252-1221 to see if we can deliver to you at your specified day and time.

For catering and group orders, we frequently coordinate service to most of WNC including Hendersonville, Canton, Waynesville and Sylva. For delivery to these areas, please contact our office at 828.252.1221.

How long does it take for delivery?

Normal delivery time is between 45 minutes and an hour, however, certain situations such as weather conditions and restaurant volume may cause this to fluctuate. Please rest assured that we take delivery times very seriously and will be in touch if we expect to be outside your quoted time.

Do you work with any restaurant?

We only work with specific restaurants in Asheville.  We have a process to ensure that our restaurant partners are a good fit for us, and that we are a good fit for them. This helps us ensure that you receive high quality food and service. You can browse through our restaurant partners on our website. If you’re looking for a specific cuisine or dish, please contact us!

Can I use multiple forms of payment?

Currently, we can only use one form of payment per order.  We expect that to change soon!

Can I place orders in advance?

You can place orders up to thirty days in advance on our website.  For orders further in the future, our friendly office staff will gladly take your call at 252-1221.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open from 10am to 10pm Monday through Saturday.  Sundays we’re open from 10am to 9pm.  We can also make arrangements for breakfast catering orders.

How do I add special notes or requests to my order?

We love having information about your order – the more we have, the better service we are able to provide!  Special requests and notes for specific items can be added as you place your order.  After adding an item to your order(/basket/cart), you’ll see a little button that says “Customize.” Click that, and add any notes you want to that specific item.  Notes about any food allergies are particularly important.

We also find special directions to your home particularly useful.  Our website allows you to add special notes like this when you enter your contact information.

How can I get a receipt?

Receipts are automatically e-mailed to accounts that have an e-mail address.  We can easily e-mail receipts to any other e-mail address, or send them through the mail.  Some orders (though not all) will come with a receipt.  This varies based on the particular restaurant partner that you’ve ordered from.

Can I order from multiple restaurants?

Absolutely you can. Please note, though, that each restaurant you order from incurs a delivery fee, starting at the standard $4.95. We simply add the separate delivery fees together on your bill.

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